Cheat Tetris Battle

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Cheat Tetris Battle

Note: Not Permanent but useful!

Tetris Battle Cheat Guide (Unlimited Energy, Armor, Fully Tuned):

2050 Expiration Date
  1. Download the Cheat Files Here
  2. Open Fiddler (Install fiddler 2 if you don't have one. Visit fiddler2 official website Click here to download.)
  3. Unzip the Cheat file ""
  4. Drag the files to the Fiddler AutoResponder tab
  5. Make sure "Enable automatic responses" and "Unmatched requests passthrough" are both ticked.
  6. Clear or empty your Web Browser Cache.
  7. Play Tetris Battle & see the results. Happy Gaming!

Tetris Battle Cheat Screenshots:

Cheat is working as of 12/30/2011

Tetris Battle Cheat: Instant KO

What you need:
  1. Open FireFox and go to Tetris Battle
  2. Open your Cheat Engine
  3. Click the computer icon at the top left (Process Window)
  4. find plugin-container.exe and Click "Open"
  5. Now Play the Game and make a Combo
  6. When you see : "1 Combo"; Go back to Cheat Engine, Scan "1"
  7. Make another combo when you see : [2 Combo]; Go back to Cheat Engine, Scan "2"
  8. Now make another combo when you see : [3 Combo];

    Go back to cheat Engine, Scan "3"; and it will end with 3 addresses
  9. Get that 3 addresses and change the value to 999 and freeze It
  10. Now every 1 line you send to any player will be equal to 999 or more. Instant KO. Happy Gaming

Tetris Battle Cheat Rank

What you need:
Tetris Battle Cheat Rank:
  1. Log-in to facebook and play Tetris Battle
  2. Install & Open Charles Web Debugging Proxy
  3. Enter 2p on Tetris Battle
  4. Exit 2p Tetris Battle
  5. Go to Charles Web Debugging Proxy and you will see the 108.***.**.** or 50.70.***.**
  6. Expand it
  7. Set Breakpoints to the first Default.
  8. Enter 2p (the Breakpoint tab will appear when you enter 2p)
  9. Click Execute
  10. Click Edit Response tab and text tab (at the bottom)
  11. Change the <current_rank>(your rank) to 99 and the <current_halfstar>(you current stars) to 10.
  12. Then click execute.
  13. Remove the breakpoints to the default.(If a breakpoint tab will appear just click Execute)
  14. Go to Tetris Battle and play 1 game to save your rank.
  15. Reload the page and Look at your rank!


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